Fear vs. Faith

“You’ll never be great if you settle for good!”

My mentor posted this quote this morning on his Facebook page. I’m getting close to heading up to the mountains for a 2 day “retreat” – basically a 36 hour power session to finish recording my wellness curriculum. I need to come off that mountain with my videos done.

And I’m scared.

I’m actually not scared of failing. I’m scared of succeeding. Isn’t that odd? I’m scared this will actually “work,” that people will actually want to purchase this and that they’ll find freedom and growth by going through this study. My fear is so backwards, but it’s true. And as I was meditating this morning, I realized I loved dreaming about what my life could be if this took off…and dreaming about it was a lot less scary than getting up and actually trying. Yet at the same time, my “fear” is already happening – and it has been for the past 2 years.

I’m so close. It really is downhill from here. Not even a slippery slope downhill, but a smooth sailing downhill. In 3 weeks (Lord willing), I’ll officially launch. I am totally scared, but my heart is beating too strongly to do anything but be great.

{And if you happen to be reading this at any point in the next few weeks (or at any point, actually), say a little prayer for me or send me encouraging thoughts. A girl is only as strong as her God and tribe behind her…which I guess means I have nothing to worry about ;)}



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